Love a Korean sheet mask and some snail mucin? You have Soko Glam’s founder Charlotte Cho to thank.

Charlotte Cho, founder and CEO of the breakout skincare marketplace Soko Glam, wasn’t always a Korean beauty guru. “Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t know the basics of skincare nor did I have a skincare routine,” she says. “After living in Korea working at Samsung, I learned about the Korean skincare philosophy and saw my skin transform for the better—from dull to bright and glowing.” That experience was enough to inspire Cho to get her esthetician license and kick-start a new (and now very successful) business: Soko Glam, a seven-year-old e-commerce company (with a new brick-and-mortar outpost) that sells more than 50 South Korean skincare brands. “I wanted to share the Korean beauty and skincare philosophy with the world,” Cho says. “I knew I had to start from the beginning, through skincare education.”

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