Want to know if we can solve the climate crisis by shutting down all coal plants by 2025? What’s the right price for carbon? This simulator that you can run right on your laptop lets you craft your own climate policy.

Experts have offered up an array of solutions for how we can limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius: massive investment in renewable energy, a carbon tax, mandating more energy-efficient buildings, and reforesting trillions of trees to sequester carbon from the atmosphere are just a few. But the potential impacts of those actions can feel abstract. It’s hard to wrap our heads around climate change in general, let alone how the actions we need to take to stop it might play out. But a new climate solutions simulator from MIT and the nonprofit Climate Initiatives may be the answer to helping people understand just what needs to be done to turn the tide—and help policy makers and business leaders make the right decisions for our planet’s health.

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