The case for creativity has never been greater. Big thinking and bold ideas are in high demand, and creative execution is consistently confirmed as the largest contributor to driving sales. And as we see from the brands we partner with, success occurs when data and technology inspire creativity.

But that doesn't mean it's easy. There are more platforms, more signals, and more data sources informing creative than ever before. We want our clients and partners to grow and thrive on our platforms, and that’s why we've made it a priority to invest in resources and tools to support creative

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makers and agencies at every stage of the creative process.

This year at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, we’re expanding a new resource for the global creative community: Create with Google. Made for creatives by creatives, this platform is designed to inspire, inform and enable creative makers from ideation to execution. The global site is currently available in English, Spanish, Korean and Japanese, with a plan to expand to more languages throughout the year.

Get inspired for your next big campaignWe’ve searched the globe to find the most innovative, intelligent, and imaginative work across Google’s creative canvas. Filter by format, vertical and platform, or search by keyword to inspire your creative thinking.

Master Google’s platforms, formats and toolsRead up on a range of resources and get insider tips on how to build work across Google’s creative canvas—from ARCore to Display and YouTube Director Mix.Access tools to support your idea, from pitch to production

Two new tools, Audience Connect and YouTube Mockup Tool, make it easier for you to create and sell in work on our platforms—from pitching in concepts right through production.

Audience Connect transforms creative presentations from broadcast into conversation, by tracking client engagement in response to any video. When pitching in a TrueView concept, for example, the tool provides real-time feedback on when your audience is more leaned in and when they would skip.

YouTube Mockup Tool lets you upload and showcase work to clients and colleagues in an authentic YouTube environment, simulating your creative across desktop, tablet and mobile.

We want to champion and challenge creative makers to experiment and make better work, recognizing we only succeed when our partners do. We hope Create with Google can become a genuine global community where the industry comes together to find the inspiration, resources and tools for their next project.


According to a new study from ITSMA / ABM Leadership Alliance, 73% of B2B marketers plan to increase ABM budgets in 2020 and 71% saw greater ROI within their ABM efforts compared to their traditional marketing initiatives. There is momentum behind ABM in the B2B marketing world and yet there is still opportunity optimize for effectiveness. Research from Demand Gen Report tells us that 95% of marketers prefer credible content from industry influencers (a 30% YoY increase) and most ABM playbooks include no mention of influencer integration at all.


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B2B brands' ABM programs leaving performance gains on the table by not considering the impact that influence plays on their target accounts?

How can ambitious marketers optimize the performance of their account-based-marketing (ABM) programs?

To answer that question, we invite you to join TopRank® Marketing chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden as he explores how influencer marketing can drives optimization of ABM performance, as he presents at the B2B Marketing Exchange 2020 conference on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 10:40 a.m. Mountain Time in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The 2020 edition of the B2BMX conference will be the 8th year in a row that Lee has presented at this leading event for B2B marketers. Below is a video of Lee's co-keynote presentation at a past B2BMX with Alex Rynne of LinkedIn:

To help make the decision to attend B2BMX 2020 easier, Lee has partnered with B2BMX to provide a 25% off discount code. Just use B2BMXODDEN when registering for the discount.

B2B Marketing Exchange 2020

Lee's presentation at the 2020 B2BMX conference, "How To Optimize ABM Results With Influencer Marketing" will help B2B marketers understand how they can leverage the power of influence to connect more quickly and effectively with target accounts.

For more details, here's the official presentation abstract:

Focusing on accounts with the biggest revenue potential requires every competitive advantage. But ABM alone is not enough to break through to distracted and distrustful decision makers. To connect with accounts more effectively, B2B marketers are increasingly adopting influencer marketing to build trust, reach and engagement.

This presentation from B2B and influencer marketing expert Lee Odden will share how B2B marketers can identify the influencers that resonate most with target account contacts, as well as create greater influence among client facing contacts.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • How an ABM and influencer marketing integration model inspires strategy

  • How to determine what topics and content resonate with your target accounts

  • How to identify who is influential to the people within your targeted accounts

  • How to grow influence for sales and the brand

Registration and complete B2BMX conference details are available on the official event website. Be sure to use the 25% off discount code: B2BMXODDEN

We hope you'll join us in Scottsdale for Lee's latest insightful presentation, and be sure to follow along on Twitter using the #B2BMX hashtag.

In the meantime you can learn more from Lee and others on the TopRank Marketing team by connecting with our award-winning marketing blog.

You can also watch this interview with Lee by the B2BMX editorial team as they talk about how B2B Shouldn't Be Boring and How To Revitalize Your Content:

If you'd like to talk with us directly about how to improve your own influencer marketing performance like we have for B2B brands ranging from Adobe to LinkedIn, connect with us here.

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B2B marketers trying to get their content seen and consumed face an uphill battle in 2020 as information overload competes with growing brand distrust to sabotage B2B marketing campaigns.

So, how can B2B marketers take their content efforts to the next level of reach and engagement?

Luckily for you, at TopRank Marketing we're experts at integrating B2B influencer marketing and content, and in a recent interview, our CEO Lee Odden spoke about how B2B marketers can benefit when these two aspects of marketing intersect.

Lee spo

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ke with Kristen Alexander, CMO at Certain, in a Masters of Events podcast that explores the many ways content and influencer marketing can benefit B2B marketers.

Lee and Kristen discussed a wide array of opportunities for content and influencer marketing to help B2B marketers connect with customers more effectively and we've pulled out some of the most valuable insights below:

1 - Influencer Collaboration Creates Content Buyers Trust

B2B companies have longer sales cycles and to feed the buyers need for more information, create sizable amounts of content for demand generation and lead generation. However, in this age of information overload and distrust of brand communications, much of that content is ignored.

The way marketers can connect with distracted and distrustful buyers is through those who customers actually trust. Credible experts that have the ear of the buying customer can be excellent collaboration partners. Their influence adds credibility to the brand content and their networks provide a distribution channel that current brand marketing and advertising isn't reaching.

Influencer collaboration is a subject near and dear to our hearts, that we've explored in detail in several recent articles:

  • Inspiring Examples of B2B Influencer Marketing in Action

  • Break Free B2B Series: Janine Wegner on Building Brand Thought Leadership With the Help of Influencers

Overwhelming information choices and distrust of brand messaging make collaborating with industry experts that have the attention of audiences looking for solutions an ideal strategy. — @LeeOdden

2 - Combining Influencer Advocacy & Brand Messaging Drives B2B ROI

By intermingling brand messaging with influencer advocacy and influencer expertise, you can create the kinds of content programs that get reach, better engagement, and conversion.

By creating a content repository you can have a taxonomy of keywords associated with the different things people are saying, which becomes a source of ingredient content that you can use to re-purpose into a white paper, eBook, blog post, newsletter, or even transform it into an infographic.

You can explore a variety of content re-purposing best-practices and real-world examples with these recently article we've published on the subject:

  • When & Why Net-New Content Creation Makes Sense—And When It Doesn’t

  • Everything Old Is New Again: Why & How to Refresh B2B Content

  • 6 Steps for Making Delicious Meals Out of Your Content Marketing Leftovers

More advanced B2B marketers run always on influencer programs where there is a focus on developing alignment, relationships and advocacy. — @LeeOdden

3 - Break Free of Boring B2B With Co-Created Content

B2B is more often associated with "boring" than it is with "exciting". While B2B brands want to be taken seriously, they can also "break free" of boring B2B.

To break free of boring, reach out to industry influencers and ask them to give a relevant tip, asking questions very specific to the topics your customers actually care about. These tips these industry experts provide can then be packaged in an interesting, engaging and interactive aesthetic. Interactive content is more interesting for customers and it inspires contributing influencers to share, often multiple times.

As an example of how influencer content can be optimized for interesting, take a look at how interactive content for B2B marking is described in "How B2B Brands Can Break Into Interactive Content," and how to turn around a low-performing campaign in "Ghosted: What’s a Content Marketer to Do When Your Audience Goes Silent?".

Creating B2B content that isn’t boring requires more than a clever twist on the facts. Facts tell, but it’s stories that sell. Inspiration and motivation are what drive action out of content creation. But what stories should B2B brands tell, especially if the solution is complex? The answer is with your customers and understanding their pain, goals and preferences. — @LeeOdden

4 - Shining a Spotlight on Your Influencers Brightens Shared Content

B2B marketers can create a variety of content types that highlight the insight and information individual influencers have provided. Giving people who contributed a spotlight means they are a part of something special, giving them increased credibility and visibility. As a result, the light brands shine on influencers will be passed on as social shares to their audiences.

From episodic to interactive and experiential, there are more ways to share co-created content than ever before. We explore many of those ideas in the following articles:

  • Hungry for More: What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Episodic Content

  • How B2B Brands Can Break Into Interactive Content

  • What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Experiential Content

Provide influencers and content creators with topic clusters they can use in content and social shares. — @LeeOdden

5 - Mobile-Friendly is Key When it Comes to Sharing

Because of how consumers find, consume and interact with information today, it is important to make co-created content mobile-friendly so it's easy for people to show and share.  If influencer content can't be easily shared on mobile devices, a crucial element to campaign success will be missing.

Making content easy-to-share and personalized doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming, but it does require some initial planning and strategy, as we've outlined in the following articles:

  • B2B Content Marketing Lessons from 2019’s Nerdy Film & TV Franchise Finales

  • Break Free B2B Series: Tom Treanor on Perfecting B2B Marketing Personalization

Every encounter with your brand should feel like it’s part of one ongoing story. — @NiteWrites

Take Your B2B Influencer Collaboration Game To A New Level

We hope you've learned several new ways to appreciate the value B2B influencers and content marketing collaboration to a new level, and encourage you read the companion article to this post: "5 Things You Must Know About Using Events For B2B Marketing."

To learn more and take your influencer marketing for B2B to the next level, check out these content and influencer marketing resources and take advantage of Lee's upcoming speaking events where he'll be sharing strategies, best practices and case studies featuring B2B brands of all sizes:

February 24-25, 2020 - B2BMX - Scottsdale, AZ

How to Optimize ABM Results with Influencer Marketing

March 19, 2020 - Convergence Summit - Minneapolis, MN

In Search of Trust: How Authentic Content Drives Customer Experience

March 24, 2020 - Pubcon - Miami, FL

B2B Influencer Marketing Workshop

April 20-22, 2020 - Content Tech - San Diego, CA

How to Optimize Content Performance with Influence

April 22-23, 2020 - Content Marketing Conference - Boston, MA

Be Best Answer for Your Customers with SEO and Influence

May 27 -28, 2020 - B2B Ignite USA - Chicago, IL

In Marketing We Trust: How to Build Influence with the C-Suite and on the Street

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B2B marketers face numerous challenges in connecting with customers in meaningful ways — perhaps more today than ever before.

Events have traditionally been a go-to method for B2B companies to build real-world connections, however burdensome obstacles remain when it comes to achieving the best return-on-investment for industry conferences and events.

Luckily, at TopRank Marketing we're experts at integrating events with B2B content and influencer marketing, and in a recent interview, our CEO Lee Odden recently spoke about how B2B markete

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rs can benefit from using events in creative ways.

Let's dig in and discover Lee's five key take-aways when it comes to events for B2B marketers.

1 - Events Are Great For B2B Influencer Collaboration Success

Events are an ideal format for influencer content collaboration, a great reason to bring voices of credibility and authority together, to have real-world experiences, and to activate around content that a brand is putting out in the context of a larger event.

In the B2B marketing world of 2020, search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough, and events offer a fantastic opportunity to optimize for trust using influence.

2 - Events Provide Real-World Interactions & Great Experiences

There is no substitute for the real-world interactions that events provide, and they are also ideal for creating great experiences for your customers and prospects.

Events allow you to do content campaigns where the actual activation of prospective customers is at the real-world event. Events are a gold mine of content before, during, and after.

3 - Events Allow Deepening Ongoing Collaborations

By inviting speakers to contribute their expertise according to a particular theme, you can create infographics and social messages — the standard sort of stuff before the event — which at the event will open doors to new conversations with the people that are involved. Holding V.I.P. dinners, round-table meetings, or meet-the-experts gatherings all represent real-world activations warmed up by the content collaboration that happened before the event.

Additionally, interviews, co-marketing events, and co-marketing initiatives can all be worthwhile to set up for events.

4 -Events Let You Connect in Real-Time and Plan Ahead of Time

Live-blogging and real-time event coverage allows you to sit in on sessions and write articles based on what you're seeing live, including photos you take. You can even engage with the speakers beforehand so they know you're coming, which oftentimes allows you to get extra information from speakers.

You can also write event preview posts covering the sessions you're looking forward to at the event, and then cross-link and let people know that they can look forward to following your coverage using the conference hashtag. You can also suggest they follow your Twitter handles, and then also put out reminders about other sessions you'll be covering during the conference.

You can then take all that content and put it into an eBook after the conference, and of course add your own thought leadership, which becomes a great demand-gen content asset.

5- Events Provide Opportunities to Support Speakers

Events are great for identifying lists of influencers who will be speaking, which can then be turned into a list of the top B2B marketing influencers, or the top content marketing influencers speaking at the conference. You can reach out to all of them and let them know that they made it on the list, which helps build interest and social sharing activity.

These lists and the conversations involved when compiling them also provide a great opportunity to support speakers, and to connect with influencers for additional projects and collaborations in the future.

Take Your B2B Marketing Events Game To The Next Level

We hope you've learned plenty of new ways to take your event-related content marketing to the next level, and encourage you to listen to Lee and Kristen's complete interview, which digs in to a number of other B2B marketing areas. You can listen here to the full Masters of Events webinar from Certain, in episode 6: Why Influencers & Events Are Made for Each Other.

To help you find the best events for your business, we've also compiled the "BIGLIST of 50 Top B2B Marketing Conferences in 2020," a handy resource for B2B marketers looking to plan out events for the year.

Finally, here are three helpful articles our team at TopRank Marketing has written about using events to create stronger marketing efforts:

  • Content Marketing Gold Rush: How to Unearth Content Gold at Marketing Industry Events

  • Learning Changes Lives: Top Insights from #MPB2B & 5 Tips for Rocking Marketing Events

  • 12 Helpful Tips for Effectively Using Social Media at Events

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Next week TopRank Marketing chief executive Lee Odden and senior director of digital strategy Ashley Zeckman will speak at one of the world’s biggest content marketing conferences, as Content Marketing World 2019 takes place September 3 — 6 in Cleveland, Ohio. Lee will be making his ninth journey to Content Marketing World — every one […]

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Sometimes when you give a little, you get a lot. This was certainly the case for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE).

The 100-year-old business technology company approached TopRank Marketing with a burgeoning idea: develop a recognition program for IT network and IT enterprise communications leaders. By doing so, they hoped to increase visibility and engagement across key verticals, but they needed the support and expertise to get it off the ground.

Being a company steeped in innovation, ALE looked to TopRank Marketing to create something u

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nlike anything they had ever done before—a new type of program that would engage the next generation of IT professionals. Soon, a robust influencer content marketing strategy turned a simple idea into a flagship recognition program: the IT Vanguard Awards.

The results? By honoring the great work being done by IT professionals, ALE drove awareness, engagement, and positive brand experiences that led to new prospect conversations with six-figure new business potential.

Building the IT Vanguards Award Program Campaign

On the surface, building a campaign strategy for an awards program seems pretty simple.

  1. Develop the campaign hook and program identity

  2. Promote the program to gain nominations

  3. Collect nominations

  4. Review the nominations

  5. Select the honorees

  6. Announce and promote the honorees

Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

The Hook: Branding the Awards Program

Any first-time marketing initiative is a testing ground; it’s a pilot project that blends best practices and innovative thinking. Ultimately, the goal is to not only reach your original objectives, but also determine whether the initiative can be part of your long-term marketing strategy.

From the beginning, we envisioned this awards campaign having legs beyond the inaugural year so ALE could continue to build awareness and engagement for years to come. That meant we needed to establish a brand and a creative hook that would resonate with our audience and stand the test of time.

ALE’s brand and technology offerings are built to make connections of all kinds possible for their customers. That coupled with the company’s solid 100-year reputation led us to define key campaign themes: Prestige, business innovation, and customer experience.

After several collaborative brainstorming sessions, we determined that this recognition program would honor IT leaders who were leaving the status quo behind to achieve better business outcomes and improve customer experiences. These leaders would be dubbed IT Vanguards.

The Marketing Strategy: A Phased Approach

Given the nature of the program, the TopRank Marketing team developed a two-phased campaign strategy to bring clear focus to a logistically difficult endeavor. The first phase was designed to generate awareness around the inaugural award program and garner nominations. The second phase would build on program awareness and highlight the work, expertise, and insights of our chosen honorees.

A custom-built, interactive landing page was the destination for both phases, designed to make it easy for people to nominate in Phase 1. The landing page was refreshed in Phase 2 to showcase the 11 honorees insights on how they’ve found success, as well as judges commentary on what defines an IT Vanguard and industry trends.

To drive qualified prospects to the landing page, our overall tactical mix was incredibly robust, with tactics being tailored to the different stages. Some of the tactics included:

  • Brand employee social

  • Paid brand social

  • Honoree social

  • Email

  • Outreach to relevant third-party organizations such as industry associations

  • Press releases

  • LinkedIn Pulse content

  • Blog content

But a defining piece of the marketing pie was the addition of credible third-party voices: A judging panel featuring industry experts and influencers. The use of influencers was an important strategic consideration for several reasons:

  • Credibility: The five-judge panel included four experts from outside of ALE’s walls. This was important to make it clear that this award was meant to be objective and inclusive.

  • Reach: The judges helped promote our call for nominations across their networks in Phase 1 and spread the good news in Phase 2.

  • Relevance: Our judges had relevant insight and expertise in the IT network and enterprise communications field, which helped ensure the honorees represented the tenants of an IT Vanguard.

Campaign Results Beyond Expectations

Early on, the ALE and TopRank Marketing teams knew that proper planning and targeting was crucial to reach our objectives. And the overall results have been astounding:

  • 52 quality, relevant nominations secured in Phase 1

  • Nearly 14,000 combined landing page views during roughly 10 weeks of promotion (Six weeks for Phase 1; four weeks for Phase 2), with paid social playing a major role in Phase 1’s awareness efforts

  • 100% influencer judges amplification across social channels

  • 100% honoree engagement (e.g. direct conversations with the ALE and TopRank Marketing teams, social sharing, internal sharing)

  • Third-party recognition of the honorees’ prestigious achievement, including press releases and special ceremonies held by the honorees’ local governments, school boards, and companies.

  • Multiple sales qualified prospects, with new business potential in the six-figures.

“I am a firm believer that none of us can do great things alone. I really pushed the TopRank Marketing team hard. They stuck with me throughout this project and encouraged me at every turn. This project could not have been done without them and we are delighted to see how impactful this program has been in such a noisy, competitive market.” 

— Jen Holtvluwer, Director of Marketing and Inside Sales, ALE

The Next Phase

Based on the success of the 2019 program, ALE is envisioning this as an annual award to recognize IT leaders. TopRank Marketing and ALE are already discussing ways to make the IT Vanguards program an even greater success in 2020.

The success of this program is testament to a solid strategy and the strength of social influence. TopRank Marketing can design and implement an influencer content program that celebrates your industry, promotes thought leaders, and amplifies your brand. For more information on our influencer marketing services or to get started, contact us today.

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Our team at TopRank Marketing recently joined together to help fight Alzheimer's, fielding a team for the Alzheimer's Association 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's charity event in Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota.

We chose this event in tribute and support of our team member Caitlin's father, and the day proved to be a success as our team — Tom's Travelers — achieved 111% of the ambitious goal that had been set.

"Alzheimer’s and dementia are devastating diseases, slowly stripping the humanity of a person and breaking the hearts of their lov

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ed ones," Caitlin said.

"The Walk to End Alzheimer’s aims not only to raise awareness and funds for patient care, support, and research, but also hope. I’m so grateful to and proud of our team for showing their support for this worthy cause, as well as their support for me as my family walks with my dad on his journey through Frontotemporal dementia," Caitlin added.

The charity event brought our team together for a good cause, and served as the latest example of how we are working hard to expand our core company values of teamwork and doing positive work for the communities we live in.


What: 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Twin Cities

Donation Page: Tom's Travelers

When it Took Place: Saturday, September 28, 2019

Why: Our team, Tom’s Traveler’s, walked in tribute to Caitlin’s father, supporting our core value of “We Are A Team”

Thanks to all of our team members who joined together on a pleasant sunny Minnesota day to help with the important efforts to end Alzheimer's.

Even though the walk has concluded, the fight against Alzheimer's continues, and you can make a different by donating on our Alzheimer's Association page here.

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From October 16 – 18 TopRank Marketing chief executive Lee Odden and senior director of digital strategy Ashley Zeckman will speak at MarketingProfs B2B Forum 2019 at Gaylord National Resort just outside Washington, D.C. Lee and Ashley will each be presenting a solo presentation during the event. WHEN TO CATCH LEE AND ASHLEY Thursday, October […]

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eMarketer has reported that B2B decision makers’ top issues with marketing content reveal that marketers are clearly “out of shape” when it comes to a focus on what’s most important. The top issues shared by B2B decision makers were that content is too fluffy (50%), not relevant (47%), not personalized (34%), misleading (29%), behind a […]

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TopRank Marketing chief executive Lee Odden has been selected to host the world’s first online 24-hour marketing conference, as SEMrush’s Global Marketing Day 2019 brings over 50 top speakers together on October 30. Lee is slated to host the free streaming non-stop 24-hour conference live from New York City, one of four international cities on […]

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B2B marketers are still finding it challenging to deliver creative, engaging content. A recent survey found that 48% of B2B decision makers found marketing content boring, or not creative. Only 22% said they found marketing content “inspiring.” Compounding the problem, people’s attention spans for written content is on the decline. Research shows Americans are spending […]

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As an AI-powered SaaS platform, Introhive is designed to help organizations realize the full value of their relationships and underutilized data across their businesses to increase revenues, employee productivity, and improve customer experience management. Today, Introhive is the fastest growing enterprise relationship management (ERM) solution on the market, having recently been ranked in the top […]

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B2B buyers almost always begin their journey using a Google search and at the same time, research from Demand Gen Report show that 95 percent of B2B buyers prefer credible content from relevant industry influencers. But what good is being found if your content isn't credible and compelling?

Business buyers use search to look for answers but they also expect content to be trustworthy and engaging. Unfortunately, most B2B marketers are only focusing on one or two of these areas.

This creates a disconnect between the content B2B brands are

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creating and what buyers actually want. It also shines a glaring light on the fact that in 2020, SEO itself is not enough.

So, how can marketers break free of boring B2B content while also optimizing for findability and credibility?

Find out by joining TopRank Marketing chief executive Lee Odden for two free upcoming live webinar events, and get his latest B2B marketing insight for 2020.

AWeber's FWD: Thinking Show - January 22nd


Your first chance comes this Wednesday, January 22 at 2:00 p.m. Central when Lee will be the very first guest on AWeber's brand new FWD: Thinking Show, a free online video webinar.

What Will You Learn?

Kicking off the inaugural FWD: Thinking Show, Lee will join AWeber 's Liz Willits and explore:

What are findability and credibility? As marketers battle to rank #1 in Google, is the content that ranks actually trusted?

In this episode, Lee shares how influencers and SEO combine to create content that is findable and credible for customers actively looking for solutions. Because without trust, they won’t engage or buy.

This live webinar will last approximately one hour, with additional time set aside for questions.

Free registration for Lee's AWeber FWD: Thinking Show webinar is available here.

Digital Branding Summit Webinar - January 28th

Next up you'll have an additional opportunity to catch Lee in a webinar with Digital Branding Summit on Tuesday, January 28 at 4:00 p.m. Central.

What Will You Learn?

B2B doesn't need to mean "boring-to-boring," and yet much of business marketing has earned its reputation.

In a world of information overload, buyers expect engaging content from sources they can trust. The solution? Content co-created with industry experts delivered as interactive experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose the best interactive formats for your B2B marketing

  • Identify and engage relevant influencers

  • Promote and repurpose influencer content beyond the campaign

Free registration for Lee's Digital Branding Summit webinar is available here.

Why Should Marketers Care?

To bridge the gap between findability and credibility, savvy B2B marketers enlist industry influencers to help build the best-answer content that your audience and search engines desire.

Take advantage of these two excellent opportunities to expand your B2B marketing prowess by joining Lee for both free live webinars, and in the meantime you can learn more from Lee and others on the TopRank Marketing team by connecting with our award-winning marketing blog.

If you would like to talk to us directly about how to improve your content marketing performance as we have done for B2B brands ranging from Adobe to LinkedIn, please connect with us here.

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Our team at TopRank Marketing joined together to help fight local hunger and recently spent a day volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland. Non-profit Second Harvest Heartland is a member of Feeding America, a nationwide network of over 200 food-banks serving every state. As part of an ongoing agency community service program, the team at TopRank […]

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We are just five days away from Google Marketing Live, my favorite event of the year. It’s when we unveil our newest products and get your insights on what to build for the future. If you haven’t yet, register for this year’s live stream so you can be one of the first to check out the newest innovations and hear how we’re working to better serve you and your customers.

We know today’s consumers are more curious than ever. And as a result of mobile, they are able to get what they want, when they want it. Indeed, being on the go no longer means being

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out of reach. For businesses, this creates even more opportunities to connect with current and potential customers—on and offline. Ahead of next week’s show, here’s a sneak peek at our latest innovations, designed to help you delight your customers and deliver results from anywhere at any time.

Stay on-the-go and in-the-know with the Google Ads mobile app

Your customers aren’t the only people always on the go. You are too! So we’re making a lot of updates to the Google Ads mobile app (Android, iOS) to help you stay on top of your accounts no matter where your business takes you.

Starting this week, you can create and edit responsive search ads directly from the app. So if you’re on your morning train and need to launch a last-minute holiday promotion, you can write the creative, fine-tune the headline and set bids and budgets–right from your mobile phone!


There’s so much that goes into building a great mobile game. Building a thriving business on top of it? That’s next level. Today, we’re announcing new solutions to increase the lifetime value of your players. Now, it’s easier than ever to re-engage your audience and take advantage of a new, smarter approach to monetization.

Help inactive players rediscover your game

Let's face it, the majority of players you acquire aren't going to continue engaging with your

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game after just a handful of days. One of the biggest opportunities you have to grow your business is to get those inactive players to come back and play again.

We’re introducing App campaigns for engagement in Google Ads to help players rediscover your game by engaging them with relevant ads across Google’s properties. With App campaigns for engagement, you can reconnect with players in many different ways, such as encouraging lapsed players to complete the tutorial, introducing new features that have been added since a player’s last session, or getting someone to open the game for the first time on Android (which only Google can help with).

Learn more about it here or talk to your Google account representative if you’re interested in trying it out.

Generate revenue from non-spending players

Acquiring and retaining users is important, but retention alone doesn’t generate revenue.  Our internal data shows that, on average, less than four percent of players will ever spend on in-app items. One way to increase overall revenue is through ads. However, some developers worry that ads might hurt in-app purchase revenue by disrupting gameplay for players who do spend. What if you could just show ads to the players who aren't going to spend in your app? Good news—now you can.

We’re bringing a new approach to monetization that combines ads and in-app purchases in one automated solution. Available today, new smart segmentation features in Google AdMob use machine learning to segment your players based on their likelihood to spend on in-app purchases.

Ad units with smart segmentation will show ads only to users who are predicted not to spend on in-app purchases. Players who are predicted to spend will see no ads, and can simply continue playing.  Check it out by creating an interstitial ad unit with smart segmentation enabled.

To learn more about news ways to help you increase the lifetime value of your players, please join us at the Game Developers Conference. Location and details are below:

What: Google Ads Keynote
Where: Moscone West, room #2020
When: Wednesday March 20th at 12:30 PM

I'm excited for the week ahead and all the new games you’re building—I’m always on the lookout for my next favorite.


Did you know that searches for "best” have increased by 80% in the last two years? For example, in recent third-party research, we saw that some people spend over 50 days searching for the “best chocolate” before making a decision.

Google Marketing Live is happening on May 14th—register now to discover how to take action on new consumer insights like these and learn about the latest digital marketing products from Google. For the first time, we'll also be live streaming 8+ hours of additional content from the event. Engage directly w

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ith product managers through live Q&A, learn new best practices, and get an inside look at how our latest products are developed.


People reach for their mobile phones throughout the day for help getting things done. And it's often a mobile app that delivers what they need—whether it's a new pair of rain boots or a puzzle game to pass the time during a commute.

Universal App campaigns help connect your app with more of these app-happy consumers. Today, we are simplifying the name of “Universal App campaigns” to “App campaigns.” This move will not affect campaign features or functionality, and there’s no action required for existing app promotion customers.

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>App campaigns will join Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Smart as the top-level campaign names available in Google Ads.

Here’s the full list of Google Ads campaign types after the App campaigns name change

App campaigns use Google’s machine learning technology to help you find the users that matter most to you, based on your defined business goals—across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and over three million sites and apps—all from one campaign.

To date, App campaigns have delivered unprecedented results for the developer community—helping drive more than 17 billion app installs, according to Google Internal data from 2019. We hope this more direct name will help advertisers and developers get started with Google Ads and select the right campaign type for their business goals.

You’ll start to see these changes roll out over the next month. We’ll talk more about this change—and other new App ad innovations—at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in mid-March. We hope to see you there!


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