Finding out the who’s who of Internet Marketing and what to do, when, were and how is totally draining. Manual research is a thing of the past – you just need a team of experts working for you that will just deliver all of those constantly changing pieces of advice right to you – not you going to look for them!

Looking for help by yourself… it’s tiring, it’s boring and you can’t even be sure if what you am researching is expert advice or some random person trying to get traffic to their blog. You probably don’t have the patience to find out either… if anything, this whole fiasco would make anyone forget about making money online.

The problem is, if you don’t do the research and you don’t know what is going on online or what the experts are doing – you are going to face a lot of mistakes, problems and time-wasting yourself.

I want you to make money online, as I have.

So I just decided that I would do something differently – I’d offer a short cut.

There was hardly anything like it online and if there was it wasn’t overly relevant to you as a business owner. That was frustrating.

As an Internet Marketing advisor (or insert job title), I was tired of my poor clients telling me stories of how they were bored of signing up to Internet Marketing forums, which changed regularly anyway and even more tired of trying to source the latest or hottest IM topics and strategies.

They wanted to be current to keep up with their competition.


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